Mate of mine and I went to sushi the other night, a new place that opened downtown. They purported to have the same caliber of Sushi that documentary restaraunt had. The one about the old Japanese man and his obsession with sushi. I remember seeing that film and thinking man, I was I could try that stuff. It wasn’t going to happens since there’s a 4 month waiting list at the real place but aparrently this place downtown was as good. I was skeptical.

We went, no train, not kitschy weirdness, just really nice wooden bench with a bunch of chairs and a kind looking old man behind the counter. He motioned us over and didn’t even ask us what we wanted, apparently you get what you get at these places and he began the very ritualistic process of putting together the sushi. He too the rice in his hands an moulded it to the size of the tuna that he had already cut. Then he firmly placed the tuna atop the rice and painted it with a brush infused with some sort of sauce. Aparrently you’re meant to eat these things in one mouthful, that’s what they said in the film, so I went for it, but they’re quite large, probably 3 inches long. I gotta say, it was pretty fantastic, there was somethings so simple about it that made it great. There was not pretension or fluff, it was just pure food. Really enjoyed it. My mate was a bit lukewarm on it, apparently sushi isn’t really his thing anyway, but he said it was a cool experience after seeing the film.


Trip To The Gallery

My sister and I recently when down to our city’s modern art gallery, we wanted to see this new surrealist exhibit but apparently I had messed up the dates because that exhibit didn’t start until the week after. The exhibit that was on while we were there was quite interesting though. It was a lot of very modern contemporary  scultures, lots of hanging things like mobiles, decorative wind chimes and really strange chandeliers. The exhibit was about the plight of thisimpoverished nation I’d never heard of but it was really affecting even if I didn’t completely understand it. We spent a bit of time in there before dithcing the art farty stuff and heading for an ice cream. We found this great little place, I think it was called GELA-TEA. We sat thei and had a good long chat about the exhibit, even though we didn’t really get it. I had the best milkshake of my live there, it was utterly amazing, super super cold and really thick in a frosted glass that was almost too cold to even handle. Anyway we walked down by the port and watched the really big cruise liners go in and out picking up their passengers due for another night of cruise fun. My sister and I really don’t like the idea of those cruises but the ships are really awe inspiring, it’s like a little city on the sea, amazing. After that we decided it was time to head home, jumped on the train and commuted back. It was a good day.

Couch Shopping

The other day my mate and I went couch shopping. We’re moving into a place together and we want to get a good couch for the communal living area, so we decided, instead of buying a crappy one each, we’d both chuck in money and get a nice one. We went on down to the up market district of town and started to have a look around at the show rooms. These were a bit too up market for us, but definitely nice, we were especially eyeing off a super long leather job, that was way too far out of budget. These stores were really strange, the really up market ones had strange accessories that came with the furniture; weird cushions, magazines, candles. There was even a couch (I should say chair) that was apparently a genuine Vatican replica (very oxymoronic) that came with some holy water and some premium rosary beads.

Anyway, we went on to the next shop, we were really looking for one of those long couches you see on Mad Men, the ones that all the ad guys sleep on after a long day of womanising and drinking scotch. We found a really sweet cream coloured one that we eventually decided was the right one. It had 5 seat cushions and it was really long, so we could have a bunch of people over and we’d all fit on the thing. Getting it back to our place was another matter, it was a really bugger, the store said they could take it to our house, but they weren’t going to bring it in. So my mate and I had to carry that thing up the stairs of our house, there was a lot of expletives and stubbed thumbs after that.

But it all worked out in the end, we got our couch in and my cat settled in right away. Good purchase.